Today’s Six Sentence Sunday comes to you once again from House of Dolls, since it is my main WIP. I don’t necessarily play by the rules (often because I forget that it’s Sunday until later in the day) but the main site is here with tons of participants. It’s also where I got the idea. 😉  That being said, forward to the six sentences!

“I wouldn’t have let you live in that house if I thought there was anything wrong with it. There was the case of Belle, but we thought she was just plum crazy. She had this huge doll collection, creepy things too…they were in every room. Though her mother saw some things in there that made some of us think it wasn’t just Belle, but you know how crazy runs in families,” she said defensively. “But no one ever died, except for Belle’s first husband, but that was of natural causes. Or at least that’s what we were told.”

Hope you enjoyed it!