Visual Dare 24 – Frustrated


He had the best product in town. The highest quality, freshest yogurt in France…and it all starts from high quality, fresh cow’s milk. He had advertisements all over the place, on city buses  on trolleys and trains. He was the official yogurt vendor of the royal family. Life was good until the war. With nothing left but his cow he bought a ticket for a train bound for Italy where he had some remaining family. Getting the cow on the train proved difficult, however, as the doors just weren’t wide enough. With some kind help from other passengers it happened.


Endless Love Short Story Released Today!

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One of my babies has finally made it out into the world. Endless Love has been released into the wilds of Amazon, and I’m simultaneously happy and terrified. I have been sitting on this short story for what feels like forever, tweaking here and there, and even completely rewriting it a time or two. There have been numerous back and forth from beta readers and other authors, which helped refine it further. Do I know what I’m doing? Not really *chuckle*. I’m learning as I go, and I love feedback!

Endless Love is the story of Andrea, a member of the royal family of Atlantis, and the chaos surrounding the fall of Atlantis. As her people become terrible creatures of myth, Andrea must hunt them down to protect the mortals they are preying on, including her mate, Rian…which would mean her own death as well.

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