Twisted Cinderella Release

Twisted Cinderella Release

I finally got the story up on Amazon! Go me. 🙂 I’m trying out KDP Select, so for right now it’s only available on Amazon. I’ve played with Twisted Cinderella long enough, tweaked it, messed with it, and all that nonsense in the search for “perfect” and finally gave up. I figured it was time for Tina to get her story out there.

Of course I would realize that I put the wrong cover on, but I’ll change that later. The downside of having to switch files between computers!

About Twisted Cinderella: Tina had a loving home and was raised in the ways of her mother’s people…until her mother died. No longer the only child, nor the beloved one, Tina struggles to survive her new family’s harsh ways the best she can…until she’s had enough.

Twisted Cinderella (Amazon US) – $1

Twisted Cinderella is also available on all Amazon stores. 🙂

As an added bonus, Twisted Cinderella will be free on Friday, December 14th…so make sure you grab a copy of this short story and tell me what you think!