Visual Dare 25 – Forgotten


The privates lined up on the deserted field, each waiting their turn for explosives training. The field was perfect for many military training sessions, as it was littered with broken down houses, cars and other items that made for a tricky battlefield. The tall grass gave cover when needed, although the squad had to check themselves for ticks at the end of the day. The military had bought up this land from the surrounding farmers, as well as old equipment, all in the name of better training. The farmers were happy with the extra income, and the military, the land.


Visual Dare 24 – Frustrated


He had the best product in town. The highest quality, freshest yogurt in France…and it all starts from high quality, fresh cow’s milk. He had advertisements all over the place, on city buses  on trolleys and trains. He was the official yogurt vendor of the royal family. Life was good until the war. With nothing left but his cow he bought a ticket for a train bound for Italy where he had some remaining family. Getting the cow on the train proved difficult, however, as the doors just weren’t wide enough. With some kind help from other passengers it happened.