Starting Over

Starting OverStarting over from scratch can be super fun, or super annoying. Personally I find it super fun! But at the same time – super annoying! But it was time for a fresh start to go with all the other changes I’ve been making lately.

It’s time to live my life my way, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve started freelancing writing again, after getting (and failing to keep due to health reasons) a job. Yes, a J-O-B. What was I thinking? Someone must have hit me over the head or something, but here I am, back to what I love.

For the curious minded, I offer articles, blog posts and product reviews (especially books!) of varying lengths and on varying topics. This time I’m going to focus on a few topics to start out with, but I have experience writing on just about everything under the sun at this point. I tend to have a conversational tone throughout my writing, as I’m used to writing mostly online content. Pricing varies by project.

I also offer proofreading and editing. Of nearly anything. Again, books are very much beloved here too! Pricing of course varies by project. If you need something done, feel free to reach out.

Of course I haven’t given up on my myriad fiction projects either – they’re still chugging along. Have some rewriting to do, as well as plenty of new content coming. Slowly. It’s coming slowly. Have I mentioned that I tend to be impatient?

What’s going on in your writing worlds? Any fun new projects? Tell me all about them!