Behind The Scenes Flash Fiction Contest Entry


The Dark Fairy has done it again! Another flash contest, and like a sucker I got sucked in. So here be my entry! Only a little under the wire. 😉

Maura couldn’t believe it, she was getting sold again. First her own mother had sold her to the gypsies when she was just a child, now she was being sold to the circus. Her mother she couldn’t entirely blame, her step-father was actually at fault. He couldn’t bear to raise another man’s child, and as he was a powerful earl, he would have more than likely killed her. Her mother hadn’t wanted to lose her, but better Maura live than be cruelly murdered, never to be seen again. The Earl was a cruel, cold man.

The gypsies had raised her as one of their own until she reached maturity. Then, instead of becoming the spouse of a male as was tradition, she was turned into their little whore, their pleasure slave. And it wasn’t just the gypsy men who used her so, but they would sell her body without her consent to whoever had the most money. They considered it payback for the years that they fed and clothed her, plus it took the heat off the rest of the gypsy women. Unless the gypsy women found a man desirable, they no longer had to take bedmates when Maura was available. Not all of Maura’s bedmates were kind, but she learned to please them all eventually. It was please or die.

Now she was being sold to the circus. The ringleader had seen her in the encampment dancing with the other women and wanted her. Not for the usual transaction, but for his circus as a performer. He was going to train her in trapeze as well as other feats of daring. He bought her for a small mountain of gold, the gypsies were not going to let her out easily. Maura almost wished they hadn’t, for the ringleader extracted every sliver out of her flesh in some of the most perverse ways. He called the shots, and she was the whipping post.


Visual Dare 25 – Forgotten


The privates lined up on the deserted field, each waiting their turn for explosives training. The field was perfect for many military training sessions, as it was littered with broken down houses, cars and other items that made for a tricky battlefield. The tall grass gave cover when needed, although the squad had to check themselves for ticks at the end of the day. The military had bought up this land from the surrounding farmers, as well as old equipment, all in the name of better training. The farmers were happy with the extra income, and the military, the land.

Visual Dare 24 – Frustrated


He had the best product in town. The highest quality, freshest yogurt in France…and it all starts from high quality, fresh cow’s milk. He had advertisements all over the place, on city buses  on trolleys and trains. He was the official yogurt vendor of the royal family. Life was good until the war. With nothing left but his cow he bought a ticket for a train bound for Italy where he had some remaining family. Getting the cow on the train proved difficult, however, as the doors just weren’t wide enough. With some kind help from other passengers it happened.

Once Upon A Time Flash Fiction Contest Entry


This is my entry for the Once Upon A Time Flash Fiction contest that is held here by @ruanna3 and @sjiholliday.

Twisted Cinderella

Tina was tired of being hated. It wasn’t always like that, when she was a girl she was cossetted by both her parents and there was so much love in the house it amazed Tina that the seams didn’t split. That is, until her mother died in childbirth. They said her brother was still born. Her Momma died three days later, some said of a broken heart. Then Papa remarried to an evil harridan. Tina wasn’t allowed to call her that; however, it was always “Madam.”

The Harridan came with three kids of her own, as she had been widowed for many years. She had two of the most selfish girls possible and a horrid son. Fortunately the son had established his own house after being at school for many years, so Tina didn’t have to deal with him often. He made her extremely leery when he did come around, he had a gleam in his eyes that made Tina want to crawl into the nearest corner and hide.

She spent years as a servant to them. At first her Papa would take some of the burden off, make sure she was well fed and had decent clothes. But eventually even that stopped as Papa got more comfortable with having an unpaid servant around. She had enough of being kicked around like a dog, having the fact that she was half-fae shoved into her face like it was an insult and having nothing but rags to clothe her blooming body. So she started slipping arsenic into their morning and afternoon tea. Small amounts at first, but as time went on larger and larger amounts. Being half-fae worked in her favor, as she used what magic she knew to ensure that no trace remained on her hands or on the tea set.

Finally the glorious day came. She went upstairs to Papa and the Harridan’s bedroom to wake them as she always did, and they were dead. Faking a scream, she dropped the tea to the floor and ran into the girls’ rooms. They were also dead. She had done it.